Wicked FFXI News!

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Wicked FFXI News!

Postby VaMpY.EX » 10/31/2002 @ 02:08 AM

I have come across some really great news on final fantasy 11! its at www.rpgfantasy.com

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Post Spaming Otaku
Post Spaming Otaku
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Postby Emerje » 10/31/2002 @ 03:22 AM

2 things...

1) This doesn't belong in the GD forum.


2) Could you be any more vague? What's this great news that we're supposed to be looking for, can you give us a hint?


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Fruitful Explorer
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Postby Sasuke » 10/31/2002 @ 12:33 PM

truly i dont know what to look at
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Cobalt Katze
Thievish Mithra
Thievish Mithra
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Postby Cobalt Katze » 10/31/2002 @ 12:49 PM

Everything in the FFXI section on that website we already know and has been posted in the FFXI Forum by either myself or Ryoko and some other peeps. Please take the time to read posts, as it is half of the experience of being on a forum. Not just posting random stuff you happen to find on the 'net.
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