Getting a new Dell soon? Get FFXI free~

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Cobalt Katze
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Thievish Mithra
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Getting a new Dell soon? Get FFXI free~

Postby Cobalt Katze » 09/26/2002 @ 01:25 PM


<i>After last week's news of a deal between Square and nVidia to promote Final Fantasy XI PC, Square has signed another sponsorship deal with Dell.

The computer giant announced plans to bundle the PC version of Final Fantasy XI with its Dimension 8200 PCs, along with using Final Fantasy in other promotions for the new 8200 line of computers.<i>
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Ghost Dog
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Someone Please Ban Me!!
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Postby Ghost Dog » 09/29/2002 @ 05:02 AM

I was just going to post the link to that article, but I see you beat me to the punch. So the game is actually coming to the US for PC eh? I suppose that would be the way to go, since I have a fairly powerful machine. That, and I wouldn't have to buy the HDD for the PS2 (if it even releases), thereby saving money.
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Multifaceted Nerdiness
Multifaceted Nerdiness
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Postby Gualen » 09/29/2002 @ 09:07 AM

Hmm.... when does the game/new dell come out? 'cause I'm planning on getting a new computer when I get a job this summer, and so far that new dell looks promising.

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