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New FFXI Site!

Postby Rab » 06/26/2002 @ 08:28 AM


This site is still a work in progress althougth there is alot of content up aready such as race, communication, jobs, battle and trading information. Also feel free to check out the forums for the most up to date news.

Oh yeah one last thing the site has me working on it so you know it will be a success :haha
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Postby NinjutaKon » 06/26/2002 @ 08:51 AM

Yeah I checked it out and its looking pretty cool!! :D

The site has me as well :D
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Postby Uin » 06/26/2002 @ 09:33 AM

Yup, I'm already there too.

Still needs more forums though. :haha
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Postby EarthWind » 07/17/2002 @ 11:19 PM

Wow. I may be late in checking it out due to all of this action with Phantasy Star Online but the site looks great. It'll be the first place I go when I get FFXI.
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Postby RivaOni » 08/16/2002 @ 07:43 PM

lol Rab i did this donkeys ago!!! when Aseuk was on the servers hes currently on (b4 extended gamer and the closure of extended gamer) thats how you got there aint it? :P
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