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Cobalt Katze
Thievish Mithra
Thievish Mithra
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Postby Cobalt Katze » 06/01/2002 @ 12:48 AM

Before you post ANY NEW TOPIC that asks one or more generic question(s) about this game, visit these websites:

They will MORE LIKELY THAN NOT have any answers to any questions you have about the game.

Thank you for your time, and for sparing ours.
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Limited Edition
Limited Edition
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Postby Rab » 06/01/2002 @ 02:00 PM

[cheap plug] Or you guys could check out: :D
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Freshman Explorer
Freshman Explorer
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Postby Nodachi » 03/19/2003 @ 06:15 AM

aaaand dun forget they've helped me with everything there is that has to deal with xi ;)

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