FFXI full of troubles in Japan

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FFXI full of troubles in Japan

Postby Emerje » 05/20/2002 @ 01:09 AM

The following are all taken off of www.mmcafe.com :

<i>Reported by Square and numerous customers, Square's online services "PlayOnline", has been experiencing capacity troubles since its launch on 5/16.

Troubles first began on launch day, as consumers were not able to simply register for their services on PlayOnline and Final Fantasy XI. The main cause of the problem was due to overflow in capacity at the PlayOnline registration servers. However, another factor also contributed to the issue: "WebMoney Corporation" - a well respected third party responsible for the monetary transactions regarding PlayOnline, could not handle the capacity of customers as well.

While Square assured customers that there would be no similar issues once registration was complete, the servers crashed at 2AM on the second day, due to problems on the backbone hardware of PlayOnline's server network. Square announced that their services/servers are expected to recover in the third day from launch at 9AM (5/18 ).

Square's PlayOnline web site has been experiencing connection problems as well, causing frustration amongst customers who have been searching for answers as to why services were not available. Likewise, Square's user support does not connect, due to the volume of callers.

<i>Following the issues that still continue with their PlayOnline services and Final Fantasy XI since launch, Square President Youichi Wada has released an official statement, stating that PlayOnline will continue to experience difficulties, but service fees will be kept free until the end of June.

The following is a translation of Wada's public note.

<b><i>While PlayOnline has began its services since 5/16, [we] have not been able to deliver satisfactory services to customers.

[We] will continue to fix the connection problems with all efforts, but for a fundamental solution to the problem, everyone's cooperation under the play environment is necessary.

As a gesture of apology to our inconvenienced customers, the usage fees will be kept free for [customers] under the terms below.

Terms applicable to:
Customers who have applied to PlayOnline between 2002/5/16 - 2002/6/30

Terms of fee:
Usage fees for Final Fantasy XI, additional characters for Final Fantasy XI, and TetraMaster, between 2002/5/16 - 2002/6/30.

Although everyone will continue to experience inconveniences, [we] ask for everyone's understandings and cooperation in order to actualize satisfactory services as soon as possible.

Square Corporation
Representative President, Youichi Wada

(Translation: Henry A. Moriarty)

In related news, Square has also announced that monetary transactions handled by "WebMoney" has been experiencing difficulties in which customers have been charged multiple times for services.

Customers can check their balances at http://www.webmoney.ne.jp/balance.html. If charged erroneously, customers are urged to contact Square's information center with their PlayOnline ID and WebMoney serial number after the 22nd, phone# 03-5496-7117, 11AM-7PM (excluding weekends and national holidays).

Short Comment- So the first few thousand customers get be become free guinea pigs! BTW, Square missed the 9AM deadline for the server fix.

In related news, apparently the FFXI disk doesn't contain much except for the opening movie. So that means a lot of download to play the actual game. - "Madman" Henry Moriarty

<i>Reported by Japanese journal site Mainichi Interactive, Square has confirmed on the 18th that a number of "Final Fantasy XI" packages have been shipped with useless registration codes.

Each retail copy of "Final Fantasy XI" comes packaged with a unique user registration code, required when signing up for the online services. Consumers who picked up a package with a disfunctional registration code will not be able to receive any of Square's PlayOnline services, which includes playing Final Fantasy XI itself.

Square also confirmed that there are cases in which the registration code will become useless if the registration process halts, due to a server failure or a connection error.

Quoted by Square, issues regarding registration codes will be "handled case by case, since [we] cannot find the cause [of the problem], and there are times when it may be due to typing errors".

In related news, Square now has a toll-free hotline for user support on issues regarding Final Fantasy XI. The number is (0120) 540-882.

Short Comment- Things must really be tense at Square. As one customer wrote about his experience-- he waited on Square's support hotline for a long time, only to be surprised by a crying support center girl on the other side of the phone when he finally got through. </i>

That's a lot of problems, and to that Sony's problem with their BB:

<i>(Dengeki Online) Sony has announced that their "Playstation BB Navigator" - the software included as default with the PS BroadBand Unit (PS BB Unit) for online services, causes issues on PlayStation 2 machines.

When the software is installed on the PS2, the console will no longer be able to use the Memory Card Manager and CD Player. An update patch to fix the problem will be released by Sony via the PS BroadBand, once the online services launch.

As a current solution, the Memory Card Manager and CD Player can still be used by taking out the PS2 BB unit. Narrowband users who own the unit but do not have broadband connection, are suggested to do the same.

Man, I'm almost afraid to check the news tomorrow and see just what else is wrong with this whole thing!


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Box Humper
Box Humper
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Postby Uin » 05/20/2002 @ 04:13 AM

Possible the only positive thing about getting the game later is that this all should be fixed buy the time we all get on.
Just imagine the problems if it went similtaneous worldwide. *gulp*
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Postby alphamofo » 05/20/2002 @ 08:12 AM

that would suck so much, after something like that, i think i'd have known what a box feels like :omg Ouch!
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Crazy stuffs...

Postby Cobalt Katze » 05/20/2002 @ 05:14 PM

Wow.. that's a whole lot of stuff that never got weeded out.. But hey, PSO sure as hell wasn't perfect when it was released either, lol.. Yeah, I'm with Uin. I'm incredibly grateful that the US and UK are getting the game after all this initial chaos.. Hang in there, Square! You can do eet! :D
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Postby Reaper » 05/20/2002 @ 06:03 PM

Well its hard to test every thing posible untile people start playing on it in force. I dont think there has ever been a online rpg that has come out and been flawless. Just be glad by time it gets to us it should be as near perfect as its ganna get :thumbup
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Postby Gualen » 05/21/2002 @ 08:33 AM

Hmm... hopefully these problems will be solved by the time this bad boy hits america. If not, I think it would be less of a hastle to buy the crap to upgrade my computer and get FFXI for the PC.

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Postby Ryoko » 05/23/2002 @ 10:31 PM

Geez, looks like Square underestimated the the initial numbers from the get go. Hard to test for in Beta when you are limiting the amout of access. Not too suprising though since they highly underestimated the amount of users they would have at one given time.

O well least this happend over there so they will know better for the US release.
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Lady Alisha
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Postby Lady Alisha » 05/24/2002 @ 05:03 AM


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Postby Hanzo » 05/24/2002 @ 02:59 PM

LOL Nice parody there. But since the game cant be played offline, it might as well be called Final Fantasy XI: The movie II :D

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Frisbee Dog
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Postby Frisbee Dog » 05/30/2002 @ 11:57 PM

How is the game doing in Japan right now? I really haven't heard too much info on it.

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Postby UltraWolf » 06/14/2002 @ 11:54 PM

Hanzo wrote:LOL Nice parody there. But since the game cant be played offline, it might as well be called Final Fantasy XI: The movie II :D

lol that was just cold.... :P

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Postby Nei3rd » 07/01/2002 @ 08:52 PM

I hear through a reliable sourse that the Beta players cannot level up after lvl 50. I guess there was some problems with characters with lvls 50+
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