Lame FFX1 menu translation.

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Lame FFX1 menu translation.

Postby Miles » 03/19/2003 @ 02:52 AM

Made this one preety fast, but it seems to do the job, no more alt + tab'ing to explorer to see what the menu means, just print this sucker out and post it next to you when playing. This is for anyone who hasent got the game yet ( MEE!!) or plans to get it soon.
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Postby Nodachi » 03/19/2003 @ 06:24 AM

good lookin out - the more u study and prepare before u get the game, the quicker and smoother the starting process is (i guess that's sorda a duhh statement but u'd be suprised how many dinks get the game and havn't even looked into the system spec requirements. . . no joke. . .)

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