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Oh, una... you devil.
Oh, una... you devil.
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unastrike likes to make things harder for himself.

Postby unastrike » 03/19/2003 @ 03:00 AM

I'll have the game pretty damn soon. Fingers crossed, I'll be playing it this weekend. If it comes down to it, I can always kiss some ass to get a Bahamut WP. And then we should be able to scrounge up 1,000 gil to get the next wave of peeps there with us. :thumbup

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Cobalt Katze
Thievish Mithra
Thievish Mithra
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Cobalt Katze likes scratchin' up things with his claws.

Postby Cobalt Katze » 03/19/2003 @ 04:20 AM

Good news!! I just spent a few hours in the Orc's hideout, and I didn't realize it but I made 1000 gil just by killing random orcs for a few hours <^^> It's not that hard to get once you're into the groooove
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Confused Ninja
Confused Ninja
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Reaper likes All things stupid

Postby Reaper » 03/19/2003 @ 01:04 PM

It will probly be a while till i will have enough money to afford it, but ill do my best to get there when i import it
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